I got to experience a new way of living, new traditions and a new culture. Finland is a cold country, but the people there make up for it.  They might be a little more closed off and drink milk at lunch and eat “Salmiaki”, but Finnish people aren't that different from the Portuguese.

Being in a different school in a country with different values was very nice and interesting. We got to experience a new way of teaching and education in a country that is known for the quality of its education system and I really liked it. They have normal classes like Mathematics and Languages... but they also have Art classes, like sewing and cooking, which I thought was pretty cool. 

In Finland, I visited Rovaniemi and Santa Claus Village and even got to meet two Santa Clauses; we also went to the Rokua Geopark and then did many workshops, like eating around a bonfire and walking around the snow with snow shoes. All the while we took lots of pictures so we could make a video project which was presented at a party in the school; we also had to answer various questions about Finland and its culture and did lots of funny things like games and quizzes; on the last day we visited the City Market and  Oulu centre. Oulu is very beautiful and I hope to visit it again, some day. 

I loved meeting new people and making new friends. Visiting Finland was very cool and fun!!   Cecília Santos, 11ºCT1